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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Tonight I received a letter of appreciation from someone I helped on a 911 call a year ago. 

He was involved in an accident one November evening when a pedestrian walked out in front of his car.  It was a tragic accident which has made it difficult for the driver to move on.  He wrote a letter of thanks to all the departments who responded that night to help him including me, the dispatcher who handled his call during the first moments.  I would like to share his kind words with you.

"I do not know how I can specifically track down the supervisor of the 911 operator who took my call, but if this could be forwarded in that direction, I would appreciate it.  The lady who took my call did a very good job at keeping me calm.  She only asked me questions that she needed to know and she could tell that asking me endless questions would have made me more frantic (I'm sure some people needed to be constantly asked questions in such a situation--but I am not one of those people which is why I am impressed with her ability to realize that).  In my daze I was probably freaking out a little bit, and she kept me on the phone and somewhat engaged until (responders) arrived."

It is so rare that dispatchers are included when there is apprecation because they are a 'behind the scenes' people.  All the 911 dispatchers I have known in my 16 year career are hard working, highly trained, dedicated people who take their jobs seriously and help people in their time of crisis.  Like them, I was just doing my job when this accident occurred and am glad I was able to help make a difference in this gentleman's situation.

I cannot truly know how difficult the road has been for him since this accident and am saddened he or anyone had to go through a tragic situation but I wish him all the best and thank him for taking time to say thank you. 

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  1. You are behind the scenes and don't get a lot of recognition, but you are MY hero!