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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RAPTURE!! Uh huh!

Harold Camping was not happy with his 1994 prediction of Jesus' return (mostly because it did not come true) so he has come up with a NEW and IMPROVED date.  Though his followers are taking this very seriously all over the world and getting rid of their lifelong savings, I am waiting for the post rapture looting parties.

Such fairytale silliness would make me crack up if not for the crazy people out there who will wake up Sunday, May 22nd, with nothing left to live on, still firmly planted on Earth with no sign their god is real.  Some will make excuses as to why it did not happen, others will say it did but we non-believers just cannot see the transformation, but OTHERS will probably kill themselves or perhaps worse.  Mental illness and delusion is sad.

For the Christians who say, "They are not REAL Christians" or "They have a bastardized belief of Christianity" I say to you, you believe the same thing...just without an exact date. 

Anyhow, here is a clock if you care to know at any moment just how much time you have to either a/ float up in the sky and live forever with hearts and rainbows, b/ stay here and live during the horrific tribulation of god being a jackwagon and treating the rest of his own creation, who didn't ask to be here, like crap, c/remain here and go looting all the Christians houses that magically floated up into the sky, OR d/see the NOTHING has changed and life is continuing as normal.

Monday, April 18, 2011

"I Would Not Like That" (even though I've never tried it)

A few years ago I received a Kindle Electronic Reader from my husband as a gift.  It has been just about the best gift ever (although he has gotten me a LOT of really cool stuff).  The main reason it has been the best gift is because even though I enjoy reading, I have been hindered by a nearly debilitating phobia.  I can't stand the feel of paper, wood products, popsicle sticks (this one making me creep out just having to type it), pencil scratch on paper, etc.  It is fine if there is a coating or something on the above mentioned items but other than that it almost makes me want to gag. 

For most of my life I thought I was just some weirdo, even though some of my being confirms this theory, however finally in my adult life I have found one other person with the exact same affliction.  I am NOT alone!!

Having the Kindle has renewed the love of reading in a medium I am again able to participate.  It is so exciting and I have read SO many books since I got it.  There are other very redeemable qualities too though.  It is thing, light, has a screen that can be seen in sunlight perfectly as though you're holding a newspaper, holds up to 1500 books, can email your own documents to it, and on and on.  Being a musician and one who travels this could not be any more convenient and I would think most people would find the same (not just with Kindle but any e-reader they purchased).

I have run across quite a few people though who are adamant about not getting one because, and the reason is always the same, "I just like the feel of books too much, I would miss holding an actual book."  May I step out and say, WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP for an excuse not to get one. 

Just because you have an e-reader does not make you physically unable to buy or hold an actual book for the rest of your natural-born life.  In fact, to download a book, buy it in hardcopy and read them ALL AT ONCE could be an option for you as well.  A rift in the time-space continuum will not occur if they get to close to eachother on the same dimension. 

So, just sayin'...really try to come up with a better excuse not to get one or contemplate actually trying one.  It really can make life much more convenient and make reading a new or re-newed passion that is such an important thing for the human race to grow and further their pursuits.

I Love Religious Debate!

Here is a response I read on a religious debate as to what is more believable, creationism or evolution which one person of religous faith said the evolution stories seem more like a cartoon about an event.

Really? and telepathically telling a jewish zombie that he is your savior in order to get rid of sin that you were born with because some chick (that was made from a rib) got tricked into eating an apple by a talking snake.... yeah, that makes TOTAL sense.