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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Come Out

My husband and I compete in an online competition called Songfight where every week or so they will put up a song title and you have a very limited time to write, record, and submit your entry.  There are no prizes except bragging rights, but it is a fun way to get us off our butts to be creative.

Here is our latest entry that we just finished recording today.  The title was Come Out.  My first instinct was to go along the line of someone who needs to come out about their sexual orientation.  I am glad I didn't choose this route as it seems to have been the popular theme among the other writers.  During the week while I was trying to come up with lyrics, I ran across this fascinating story about a town in Argentina that was flooded in 1985 sending all its inhabitants running.  It has recently resurfaced showing its remains.  It has become a hotspot for photographers and the images are amazing.

Here is the song I wrote about this interesting story and a special thanks to my wonderful husband Darren!  His talent on the bass and ukulele plus his awesome audio production abilities.