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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RAPTURE!! Uh huh!

Harold Camping was not happy with his 1994 prediction of Jesus' return (mostly because it did not come true) so he has come up with a NEW and IMPROVED date.  Though his followers are taking this very seriously all over the world and getting rid of their lifelong savings, I am waiting for the post rapture looting parties.

Such fairytale silliness would make me crack up if not for the crazy people out there who will wake up Sunday, May 22nd, with nothing left to live on, still firmly planted on Earth with no sign their god is real.  Some will make excuses as to why it did not happen, others will say it did but we non-believers just cannot see the transformation, but OTHERS will probably kill themselves or perhaps worse.  Mental illness and delusion is sad.

For the Christians who say, "They are not REAL Christians" or "They have a bastardized belief of Christianity" I say to you, you believe the same thing...just without an exact date. 

Anyhow, here is a clock if you care to know at any moment just how much time you have to either a/ float up in the sky and live forever with hearts and rainbows, b/ stay here and live during the horrific tribulation of god being a jackwagon and treating the rest of his own creation, who didn't ask to be here, like crap, c/remain here and go looting all the Christians houses that magically floated up into the sky, OR d/see the NOTHING has changed and life is continuing as normal.