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Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's ONLY a MOSQUE that's bad???

All this controversy of a Mosque being built near ground zero has gotten to a childish temper tantrum which is evidenced by Pastor Jones.  These people should be embarrassed!

Let's say then that all churches on ANY Indian reservation or lands once owned by NATIVE Americans should be torn down.  I mean, out of respect of course because how many Christians slayed Native Americans for their own means?  It is ABSOLUTE disrespect if there is a Christian church there.

Seriously, if I had my way I wish all religion and their places of worship did not exist as it is such a primitive way of thinking and I would hope the human race would grow out of their fairy tales.  However, I am an American and feel fortunate to be born here and to reside here so I stand up for our principal of the Separation of Church and State and for every one's freedom to worship how they want.

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