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Saturday, June 16, 2012

This is my baby.  She is fat, lazy, cranky, and deformed (she is a crooked tail American), but she is my baby.  I got her for my birthday when she was a kitten when Darren and I just met each other in 2002.  Although I know she has a few years to go, she is getting slower and I have to realize she won't be around forever.  So, I need to put out there how great she is.

She was born in a barn with a whole litter of kittens.  I walked into the barn and their food bowl was up on a table.  ALL the kittens scattered as fast as you could blink, but not Astral and this is when she established herself from the beginning as an attention whore.  She also established herself as a food whore (which is why she now goes by the nickname of Blobbo at 22 lbs.  She loves it I am sure).

Here is her claim to fame though.  She loves attention SOOOO much that she was trainable.  She gives high-fives on demand because she might get petted afterward.  She will do it for anyone.  I totally wanted to train her to fetch and play dead but my life did not allow.  However, I have no doubt I could have done it and still if things free up, I will try because I think nothing is below her, as long as there is a petting at the end.  I love you Astral a.k.a. Blobbo.


  1. Willy (my little grey and white kitty) also has a crooked tail!

  2. Somebody has to love these Crooked Tail Americans! :)